Clash of Clans Tips to Make you Enjoy the Game Even More

We’ll share with you some tips and tricks for this very popular game, Clash of Clans, which seems to gather more and more fans with each passing day.

Safeguarding or attacking – find a balance between them

Most players are concentrating on both building a defense and starting a fight against others. If you want to make defense your main focus, then you should first upgrade your town hall and then the walls along with the defensive structures. Keep in mind that the main towers that you should pay attention to are the mortar and air defense. This means that they must stay somewhere near the middle and they need a lot of protection. So if you’re playing in a defensive way, don’t hurry up to upgrade your town hall, as you will earn less when attacking lower-level players.

In case you prefer to attack other players rather than remaining in defense, you should still follow the same steps that we just mentioned. So you must first build up your town hall and then focus on the elixir production.

Be aware of the way the land must be structured

As you can probably imagine, it’s crucial to have a great amount of walls between the resources that you have and the outside. To be sure that you will not encounter any problems, you must leave no gaps in your perimeter and all structures have to be tied together.

Choose your targets wisely

You must consider the Town Hall level of your opponents before attacking them, since a lower level than the one you have means that you will not gain so many resources after the attack is over.

Patience is important and so is saving your gems

You need to be very cautious when spending your valuable gems, therefore you should avoid using them only to speed up production. Try to keep them for something more meaningful that you can actually retain and use later in the game. We also recommend you to clear natural obstacles and complete achievements in order to accumulate a big amount of gems. Overall, remember that it’s a bad idea to buy resources entirely with gems, so instead you should concentrate on expanding your production buildings.

Consider raiding together with buddies

Once you gain more experience through the game and are ready to get into organized clan play, you can already think about playing together with other players, which will help you socialize and bring you some pretty good resources too.

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