Dead Space 4 in the Works? Visceral Games is Not Busy with Star Wars: Battlefront Anymore

Just like Half-Life 3, there is a high demand for Dead Space 4 and a lack of interest from the developers. Although, the real reason why Dead Space 4 is not already available on the market is that the folks who are in charge of the franchise are having some problems. Visceral Games is the company that developed the Dead Space franchise and it kept promising that a new title is going to arrive sooner than expected. Unfortunately, Visceral Games is owned by EA and EA tasked the game developer to create the latest Star Wars: Battlefront instead of Dead Space 4.

When Will Dead Space 4 Arrive?

Now that Star Wars: Battlefront has been released, Visceral Games might be open to start a new project. Frank Gibeau who is an executive at EA has said that the company is interested in making a new Dead Space game, but that it needs to have an audience of at least five million people for EA to start investing.

Rumor has it that EA will not require an audience so large anymore since the company has been having lots of issues with fans and it needs to make a game to earn the fans trust once again. Gaming communities all throughout the web have vowed to not pre-order any EA games. Therefore, EA could create Dead Space 4 in order to get fans behind its brand.

Glen Schofield Leaves Visceral Games

Glen Schofield used to be one of the lead developers at Visceral Games, but he left to start his own company. Knowing that Dead Space 3 is the biggest game the developer has worked on and that there is a high demand for Dead Space 4, Glen Schofield might be the one to bring Dead Space 4 to life. On the downside, there is no official confirmation from the developer and we need to wait more until Dead Space 4 gets confirmed.

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