The New iPad Pro will Feature Bezels but There’s no Sign of a Notch

There has been some recent information which surfaced about the upcoming iPad Pro. Apparently, it will feature bezel of ultra-thin quality which is similar to the ones present on the iPhone X. However, the notch won’t be present, as far as we know. There has been an iOS 12 icon recently on the news which informs us about how the tablet’s design will look like.

Expect it to come with thinner border lines that will also be more uniform and the front camera will be present at the top of the tablet. The presence of this icon in the news reminds us of a leak concerning the iPhone X design which appeared to be similar in terms of looks. While we can’t consider this icon a leak per-se, it still is to be trusted.

There are also some voices that speak about how Apple will most likely opt for a bezel-free design for the iPad Pro, so you can expect anything. As opposed to how the iPhone X icon looked like, the one which shows the iPad Pro offers a clear indication about how Apple chose to not include a notch in its design.

Some people out there consider that Apple will also opt for including a FaceID feature which will allow you to authenticate and use the tablet. The missing of the notch could be blamed on the less granular detail present on the tablet which might not leave enough room. Another possibility would be the fact that the bezels featured on the tablet aren’t as thin as the ones present on the iPhone X.

And finally, some heartbreak. You shouldn’t expect this tablet to feature a 3.5mm headphone jack because it is probably won’t be there.

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