Forget About Flat Google Maps, Imagine a 3D Globe

Google Maps has been developing a lot lately in order to remain relevant in this ever-changing world. Besides adding your battery status visibility to the app or incorporating an algorithm that allows it to match you with whichever restaurants you might enjoy, Google ends this week by offering us another surprise.

As frustrated as flat-earthers might feel, Google Maps decided to change perspectives. More exactly, we won’t longer be looking at flat surfaces on our planet; instead the whole thing will change into a 3D globe (or, as Google calls it, 3D Globe Mode). As you probably know, flat maps aren’t exactly right according to scale. On such a map Greenland looks quite as big as Africa, which is ridiculous.

Now, when you zoom out fully, you will be able to see everything at the right scale, approximately. Sure, it may seem to many of you that, at least when compared to the other changes that occurred this week, it’s not that big of an update. How about we try, like Google did, to change our perspective a little bit?

The Earth is a 3D, huge object and for many years we had to use flat representations which may result in confusions similar to Greenland seeming to be just as big as Africa. With this update, Google doesn’t have to adjust a 3D object into a 2D perspective. Another thing that Google might (or not) tell us is that flat-earthers aren’t among them and that’s a bit reassuring.

At least at the moment, you won’t be able to see this 3D globe unless you are using a computer. We don’t know when exactly this change on Google Maps will affect the apps on your smart devices. However, you are curious, then head on to the Google Maps website and have fun with this 3D mode.

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