Google Maps Update Download Available with Location Sharing Improvements

Google Maps is one of the apps that are used all around the globe. In 2017 it enabled us to share our location almost in real time with those close to us (as in family and friends, not necessarily in the proximity of us). Switch the calendar to our time and right now Google Maps made it possible to share not just where you are but also how much battery you have left on your phone.

Of course, you might wonder why it is so important to know the battery status of someone. Well, ponder a bit upon it. There are many apps that are capable of sharing location. However, when you run out of battery, those apps are rendered useless, sitting in wait until you are able to reconnect. That’s when you start to worry about your friend and wonder if they don’t have signal, maybe they lost their phone or perhaps someone has stolen it.

That’s why it may be incredibly useful and mind assuring to see someone’s battery status along with their location. When you see that your friend’s phone is about to die, you at least know what are the reason for his sudden silence.

We knew since February that this change on Google Maps was coming. We owe thanks to those at AndroidPolice that spotted this update in the Google Maps APK teardown available then. Since then, more and more people spotted this change on their app, although only now it will be available for almost everyone. Back then there were people who only saw this battery status notification when its level was low.

While it is a completely useful update, Google isn’t the first company to have thought of this. Zenly, who was recently bought by Snapchat, changed its app to include a similar feature all the way back in 2016.

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