GTA 6 Thoughts – People’s Expectations vs. Reality

Nobody can deny that Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful gaming franchises. It’s no wonder that every time a new part is being prepared, fans are anxious to get their hands on it and start playing. Unfortunately, we have to wait a long time until we can see Grand Theft Auto 6. Until it’s released, all we can do is speculate upon the potential features.

Online balancing is very helpful

GTA 5 is a game where advanced equipment and technology can help you succeed and pass levels easily, no matter if you are in single-player or online mode. The more advanced you are, the better becomes the equipment you can access. This is kind of unfair for new players, because they don’t have money in their wallets.

In this case, they have to go through a lot of missions until they get the necessary skills for getting better equipment. It would be great if the whole play-to-win process could be improved in Grand Theft Auto 6.

More varied missions could spice up the game a little bit

The name says a lot about the game. When it’s called Grand Theft Auto you can expect to see a lot of racing and missions connected to this area. None the less, more varied tasks and objectives could make the game even more interactive and fun.

If they want to introduce something like that, they could follow the example of Grand Theft Auto IV which had a multiplayer mode. Also, the Cops and Robbers mode from Grand Theft Auto V was very popular and should be kept for GTA 6. A possible improvement could be the possibility of earning more cash from these missions.

Another point from fans’ wish list is the single-player DLC. Many gamers think that this is a necessary addition, so let’s hope that developers read this article!

Other necessary improvements

Players would appreciate it if they could have a more diversified range of boats and bikes. These transport means are underused, so a few fancy additions would make them cooler and determine gamers to use them more.

Last, but not least, developers should be aware that Grand Theft Auto Online’s free-mode is not the most professional variant. It breaks a lot, so you can get just when you are about to advance. They really should do something to fix this in GTA 6.

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