Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual Cameras Leaks and Rumors

Honestly, at his point ‘leak’ and ‘marketing’ might intertwine. On its website, Samsung made it known that soon enough you will be able to preorder the Galaxy Note 9. The page simply says ‘Say hello to super power’ and in an age when everyone is obsessed by superheroes it may just be a great piece of copywriting.

Samsung invites us to preorder the Note 9 so that we would be among the first to ‘experience it’. We aren’t sure if this is a leak, as the page still exists but the Note 9 wasn’t even officially announced. It isn’t the first time we go through this with Samsung as it became a habit for this company to have its new products leaked.

From what we gathered by looking at the photo, Note 9 looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It shows a headphone jack, dual cameras in the back, a USB – Charger port and a fingerprint sensor. Unfortunately, the photo shows only the back of the phone, on a blue background, with a yellow stylus on top.

A week ago, Samsung ‘mistakenly’ released a new Galaxy watch device on its site. We don’t know for sure if it was by accident, although the product was removed from the website soon after the media got a hold of this information.

With a day left before launching the Samsung Galaxy S9, another leakage happened. This time, the entire video that displayed the device’s characteristics was released to the public, allowing anyone to find out about the phone’s features. Samsung isn’t the only company that is overly anxious with its marketing.

Apple did something similar before launching the iPhone 7. Just as the event was starting, the company’s Twitter account announced the product, along with providing preorder info which might’ve stole their own thunder.

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