Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 vs. Galaxy Tab S4 – Short Comparison Review

Although nowadays when you hear about tablets your brain starts thinking about Apple’s products, the iPad isn’t the only tablet on the market. Such devices also come with an Android OS, although they seem to be fewer as the years go by. Apparently only Samsung and Huawei are constantly releasing tablets with high-performance results.

The reasons why this is happening vary but a big one is represented by how Google doesn’t make it easy for people to develop apps that work on tablets. That’s why Samsung has put a stop on this with its latest tablet, the Galaxy Tab S4. It comes with a built-in DeX interface which will allow anyone to connect their tablet to a keyboard and with this they would gain what is called ‘Android desktop mode’.

Before you start looking for features and compare this model with its competitors, let us first put it against its predecessor, the Galaxy Tab S3. In terms of performance and battery life, the S3 has impressed, especially in the performance area. However, we expect the S4 to be better because it’s only natural, considering it’s the newer model.

While the S3 could last for over 10 hours with moderate or high using, the S4 is expected to last even longer, about 16 hours of video playback. Concerning the size of the tablet, you won’t see much difference between these two, even though the S4 comes with a larger display, which is a plus.

Although nobody uses a tablet strictly for its camera, it won’t hurt you to know that the S4 will come with 13-megapixel lenses in the back and an upgraded, 8-megapixel front camera, as opposed to the S3, which only had 5 megapixels. Expect the S4 to be upgraded to the latest Android version and even the S3 might get it too.

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