Surface Go 2018 Brings in Mixed Reviews

Just recently, Microsoft released Surface Go, its 10-inch tablet that costs almost $400. The press managed to get its hands on Mircrosoft’s most recent product and this resulted in reviews with mixed feelings.

Go is the smaller version of Surface Pro, Microsoft’s previous tablet which could turn into a laptop. However, Surface Go is smaller in terms of display (10 inches), it comes with a dual-core processor which might feel slower, smaller storage (64 Gb) and a battery life of 9 hours. However, what might seem as a shortcoming, to others might feel like a bless in disguise and that’s because of the price.

As opposed to the Surface Pro that came with a $799 price tag, Surface Go costs only $399. Besides the smaller price, Go manages to keep most of Surface’s characteristics. It has a variable position, cameras with face recognition (8 megapixels in the rear and 5 in the front), Surface Connect allows for magnetic charging and its multitouch screen comes with the possibility of using the Surface Pen as well.

In order to make the price lower, Surface had to let go of some of its performance and battery life. Besides this, Microsoft has done it again and made a solid product. The Type Cover keyboards are a recent addition which has been generally well-liked by its users. On the other hand, because of its shrunk-down size it gained some reviews that could be improved in the future.

Since we brushed a bit on this subject, let’s expand a bit. Some publications say just ‘no!’ to buying Surface Go, be it because of its small size of poor performance (as they judge it). Others, however, feel that, as far as an affordable computer goes, Go is as good as it can get.

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