Google Chrome vs. Opera Mini vs. UC Browser – Best Browser Upon Statistics

Do you remember when we only had Internet Explorer to navigate the web? No? Then you are extremely young. Anyway, we now live in a world with multiple internet browser options and if you are curious about which is the best one to use on your smartphone, then keep on reading.

What do the statistics show?

First, let us explain why the focus of this article is smartphone internet browsers. Apparently, over 75% of the people that access the Internet on a daily basis use their phones in doing so. Other statistics show that 80 out of 100 people that go online access the internet via their mobile devices.

That is a lot of people and, apparently, the most popular browsers are Google Chrome, Opera Mini and UC Browser. Let us see if there are any differences between them.

UC Browser

This famous browser was developed by Alibaba, the Chinese tech company. Firstly, you should know that UC Browser can only be downloaded from the official website, not the play store. That’s because of some policy violation which we aren’t going to discuss now.

UC comes with a built-in ad blocker which may come as great news for many of you. Besides ad blocker, other popular features include speed boosters, file saving or private browsing. Overall, it is an extremely popular internet browser.

Opera Mini

Next on our list is the Mini version of the Opera browser. This one is available for both PCs and phones. As opposed to UC, the Mini browser is downloadable from both the official website AND the play store. Among its most popular features we’re mentioning Private Browsing, the capacity of viewing text in a single column or saving internet pages on your phone.

Google Chrome

Last but not least, Chrome is perhaps the most popular browser. Developed by Google, this one is as well available for PCs and mobiles. There are many phones on the market that share it as a default browser. Its unique design, its intuitive interface and features like Incognito or HTML 5 made it an extremely popular choice.

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