Best Alternative Apps to Vidmate – Available to Download for Free

Vidmate is an app designed to download videos from Youtube, however, the latest updates allows it to be used on other streaming sites as well. If you aren’t quite happy with how it works, we are here to present you some alternative from which you can choose what feels most comfortable.

  1. LastTube

If you are looking for an incredibly fast video downloading app, then you might like this one. Allowing you to choose which format and quality you want, LastTube is an ideal choice for most Android users. Easy to use and friendly, it’s really a great app.

  1. All Tube Video Downloader

Its name should be a clear indicator. This app is capable of being used on all sites that are similar to Youtube. You will be able to quickly download what videos you wish to preserve for a later watch offline.

  1. Muvi Downloader

This app is fresh and its design is ideal for those that don’t want to waste too much time with learning how it works. Better yet, this app can be used to download more than just videos. You can use it for music and images as well.

  1. TubeMate

Simple to use, this video downloader won’t be a hassle for you. Forget about staying forever while downloading a music video. TubeMate will deliver even if you wish to download full-fledged movies.

  1. Playtube

Developed by the smart people down at MusixTube, Playtube is an ideal app for music lovers. Search your favorite artists and create your very own playlist. It works extremely well with Youtube while also letting you to check your newsfeed.

  1. Snaptube

Another VidMate alternative, Snaptube works tremendously for Android smartphone users, although you might find it on Apple store as well. It will let you choose what kind of video format you would like, being extremely easy to adapt to your conditions.

  1. VIP Mate Video Downloader

This video downloader app is able of providing you with hundreds and hundreds of videos, so don’t worry about remaining without means of entertainment when you are in areas without Wi-Fi.

  1. OGYoutube

Think about an app that looks like Youtube, feels like Youtube but one which allows you to close your phone’s display. Seems like a dream right? OGYoutube can do just that and more, like downloading your favorite videos.

  1. Tube HD Video Downloader

Tube HD is yet another good alternative to have in your mind when you are getting sick of other apps. It works well and it does the job just as good as VidMate, so what are you waiting for?

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