How to Change Update Settings For Adobe Flash Player

If you want to find out how you can change your update settings for Adobe Flash Player, you are in the right place. It is recommended to install the newest version available because it will help your device remain secure.

How to change your update settings

In order to change your update settings you will need to follow some steps. First of all, choose any rich media content in your browser. Then right click on it and select Global Settings. You should see a pop-up window. Select the Advanced tab.

There are three different options:

  • Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended) – Once you choose this option you won’t have to worry about the Adobe Flash Player updates ever again. All the future updates will be installed automatically.

If there will be any urgent updates, these will be installed without notifying you. You will also be able to install the updates manually if you don’t want to wait for the automatic installation.

  • Notify me to install updates – If you want to make sure that you control all the updates on your computer you could choose this option. You will get to decide when to install the updates and you will be notified each time a new one is available.
  • Never check for updates (not recommended)- It is recommended that you avoid this option. By choosing it, you won’t be notified when a new Adobe Flash Player update is available which means that your device will remain vulnerable. If you choose this option you will have to manually check whether there are new updates available.

These steps will let you change your update settings for Adobe Flash Player. If you use more than one browser you will need to do this process for all of them.

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