Surface Go – Microsoft’s Secret Tablet of 2018

Microsoft has released its new piece of hardware, working with cloud-based services. Surface Go may yet be only a tablet posing as a PC. The iFixit team decided to crack it open and find out if it’s true or not.

From the exterior, the Surface Go looks closer to a tablet. The system used to route the heat away from the CPU is still a thermal paste and a copper heatsink; there’s no fan nor any heat pipes. This system is closer to a tablet than to a Surface Pro machine.

In terms of battery Surface Go is nearest to a Windows 10 tablet rather than a Windows 10 ultraportable. Even the iPad 5 and 6 have larger batteries at 32.9 Wh, offering more power.

In terms of connectivity, the Surface Go is a top-notch; offering the latest updates for connectivity, even the MacBook Pro would be outdated. It comes with a microSDXC support, a USB-C port, a classic 3.5 stereo jack and a Surface Connect port.

Opening the Surface Go points out clearly that this is a Microsoft tablet; carrying the same characteristics as it predecessors that makes them impossible to repair.

At first glance the unit is heavily glued; the battery seems to be able to disconnect, but the battery cells are still glued tightly together.

Indications that the Surface Go is not fashioned to be easily refurbished. For e.g. the glass that hold the display is glued with the Wi-Fi antenna, circuits board are buried under tape and shields with an excess of sticky fibric.

The problem is that end-users will not able to repair their tablets nor to make any upgrades.

The new Surface Go tablet is trying to find a new place for the Windows 10 in the mobile environment. What remains the same is the reckless nature of their current design practices.

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