Waze vs. Google Maps – Which One Is Better For Navigation

Waze and Google Maps are the top mapping apps, despite the fact that they are not very similar. Google Maps has been on the market for quite some time, while Waze has less experience. Nonetheless, both apps are popular, so you might be wondering which one is the best one.

Waze was created for drivers

Waze was designed for people who drive and it comes with plenty of features that will prove useful in traffic. For example, Waze will let you know if there are is any law enforcements activity or if there are any accidents.

Additionally, drivers will see the speed limit on screen and if you go over the limit, the app will notify you. This makes it a lot easier to respect the legal limit, no matter where you are. It is also incredibly helpful to receive real-time information from other drivers.

Google Maps is more complex

Google Maps continues to expand and add new features. You can use it to learn everything about a location, from its address to photos and descriptions. Google Maps can also be used with various transportation, methods, including public transit.

This application also allows you to download directions for offline use, which can come in handy if you don’t have access to the Internet while you ae traveling. Also, Google Maps offers wait times for restaurants and work hours for all its locations.

To sum up

Waze is an app that was created specifically for drivers, so if you need an app just for driving, this might be the best choice for you. On the other hand, Google Maps offers more and can be used for various other purposes. We recommend you to install both applications and use them in different contexts.

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