8 Apps like Terrarium TV – Available to Download in the Safest Way

Perhaps you have heard about Terrarium TV. It is an app which allows you to stream various content, from HD movies to TV shows online, for free. However, if you have tried it and you didn’t particularly liked it, allows you to present you eight alternatives from which you can choose your future source of entertainment.

  1. Showbox

When you talk about streaming apps, usually Showbox is the first that pops up. It is considered the one app that started all, the trendsetter of all these apps that appeared recently. Once Showbox became popular, a bunch of streaming apps came to fruition; and it became popular very quickly, especially due to features like offline watching. Some feel that Terrarium offers a better interface but you be the judge.

  1. Moviebox HD

This next Terrarium alternative offers the same capabilities in term of TV shows and movies streaming. Like Showbox, Moviebox HD allows you to watch your favorite movies or TV series without necessarily being online. This time, Moviebox HD offers an interface similar to the one present on Terrarium and best of all, it’s completely free to use.

  1. Playbox HD

There sure are a lot of ‘box’ apps, right? Playbox HD is capable of being used on both Android and iOS allowing for almost anyone to view movies or TV shows online. Playbox can also be paired up to Chromecast, which translates into Playbox HD being playable on your TV. Also, Kids Mode will protect your little ones from watching child-sensitive stuff.

  1. Popcorn Time

This great way of streaming online has a name that is quite catchy, right? Available for all kinds of operating systems, like Android, iOS or Windows, Popcorn Time is a little bit different from the rest. Instead of downloading the whole video, the algorithm downloads the movie bit by bit, storing it on the cache memory and deleting it after you are done with your viewing.

  1. Cartoon HD

Perhaps you would like this app if you have troubles in finding the right animated content for your kids. This means that besides the usual movies and tv episodes, Cartoon HD offers animated movies and cartoons as well.

  1. Cinema Box

Cinema Box is another worthy alternative for Terrarium TV. Being able to be used by both Android and iOS users, it also has Kids Mode which won’t allow your kids to watch something they shouldn’t see. This one is also capable of working with Chromecast or Apple TV.

  1. Kodi

Kodi is a great app that allows you to watch movies, TV shows and Live TV as well. You can use it on anything from Android to Ubunto or Raspberry Pi. However, Kodi is trickier than the rest because you might have to install 3rd party apps in order to watch certain content.

  1. Megabox HD

Last but not least, Megabox is yet another great alternative to Terrarium TV which is able of both streaming and downloading videos for a later watch. Coming with a great collection, Megabox is here to make your choice difficult.

Hunter Texidor

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