All Eyes on Goku as More and More People Play Dragon Ball Super Gods

Dragon Ball is a huge franchise, now more than ever. The Super Gods release is a huge hit among many Dragon Ball fans. There are plenty who play it because they love certain characters but apparently there are plenty who like to dress up as them too.

Goku the heartthrob

Goku is the central piece in Dragon Ball, regardless whom you ask. More than that, Goku is what keeps such a fanatic audience on the lookout for everything in the franchise. The creators decided to profit a bit thanks to the huge fan reserve that is completely enamored with the Dragon Ball characters.

You can now find websites specialized in merchandising Dragon Ball-related stuff. When you go on the official site to download the series you will find certain links that carry you to sites where you can buy accessories and clothing articles which will make you look like your favorite character.

The first things that came on sell are the Time ring worn by Goku and the Potara earring. These two pieces of merch are available for ordering and the shipping will start sometime in October. Seemingly, the fans are extremely anxious over this marketing decision and they can’t wait to get their hands on some Dragon Ball-related articles.

What are the costs?

Everybody is curious about how much they will have to spend to get their hands on the Potara earnings or on the Time Ring. Well, the earring is expected to cost about $140, while the ring will have a price tag of $106. The Dragon Ball Super series has 52 episodes on air. The English dub version is available on Adult Swim or other similar channels. Be sure to stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for further news.

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