Half-Life 3 Finally Happened, Thanks to Indie Developers

Marc Laidlaw was a former writer that worked on the first and second game in the Half-Life franchise. On the 25th of August, 2017 he released a letter called Epistle 3 through which he shared his perspective and feelings on how Half-Life 3 should look like from his perspective.

What was the story?

Well, to be fair there isn’t a clear statement that he wrote specifically about Half-Life 3, maybe because of some legal liabilities. However, it doesn’t take much to overlook the gender-swapping of characters or other disguised details and realize that the letter is an interpretation on the 3rd version of Half-Life (call it as you like, Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode 3).

It represents the final chapter in the story of Gertie Fremont (or Gordon Freeman, if you’d like), as she calls herself in that letter. Officially, the story still hasn’t concluded and this letter was finally something to let us know how it could’ve been.

What happened after that?

Laura Michet, a writer herself, read this letter and decided to not leave it at that. In the evening that she stumbled upon the letter, she was with friends. They proceeded to read it and it had an impact on them, is that they grew up with the games and the never-ending expectations of seeing Half-Life 3 happen.

Then, inspired by the letter she opened her computer and started working on the game jam. They are similar to the open mics of stand-up. Here every veteran can try to dig into their own creative pools and see what comes out at the other end. Not just Laura but many other independent developers had a go and form this, emerged quite a few interpretations of Half-Life 3.

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