Pokemon Go Might Receive PVP Features Sooner Than Expected

Pokemon Go is one of the most successful mobile games in the world and one of the main reasons behind this is the wave of new content and cool features that Niantic keeps rolling out. Niantic recently introduced trading to Pokemon Go and this feature adds more complexity to the game since players can use it to help out their friends by lending them a powerful Pokemon or use trading to increase the number of Pokemon they own.

Pokemon Go PVP

While the trading feature might be nice, there is one in-game feature that all players have been asking for and Niantic doesn’t want to deliver, PVP. Is there something even more exciting than the thought of fighting your friends and strangers in a Pokemon battle? Fortunately, it looks Niantic labs is planning to introduce PVP sooner than expected.

PVP is Coming Soon

Anne Beuttenmuller is the local head of product marketing for Pokemon Go in Poland and she recently went on an interview with the Gram where she said something quite interesting. Anne Beuttenmuller said that Niantic’s primary goal is to improve the game’s social features and that’s why trading was introduced. Therefore, PVP is the single other feature that Niantic can add to the game in order to give players additional reasons to interact with each other.

Augmented Reality PVP

The cool thing about Pokemon Go is the fact that it uses AR (augmented reality) and this means that PVP will be incredible! Just imagine how fun it would be to whip out your smartphone and fight strangers in the park over a Pokemon, just like Ash did back in the day when everyone watched the animated Pokemon series on TV. Let’s hope Niantic doesn’t waste any time and decides to release this feature before summer ends.

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