Snapchat Bans Users with Jailbroken iPhones

If you enjoy jailbreaking your iPhone, then you might want to avoid using Snapchat. A couple of recent Reddit reports are showing that Snapchat is temporarily banning people who installed a jailbreak tool on their iPhone. The social media app recognizes the jailbreaking tool as a third-party program and it automatically bans the user. We should add that popular member of the jailbreaking community are advising people to not use Snapchat.

Snapchat Bans Jailbreak Fans

The reason why Snapchat bans people who use jailbroken iPhones is that third-party apps go against Snapchat’s terms of service. Snapchat approves a limited number of third-party apps that can run at the same time such as SoundHound, Pandora and Tinder for example. However, it doesn’t look like Snapchat is ever going to permit jailbreaking apps to run.

The developers who are in charge of Snapchat even made a blog post in which they announced that using SCOthman, Snapchat++, Phantom, SnapTools, Emulator or Sneakaboo will result in an automatic ban. Therefore, make sure to not sideload this app on any jailbroken iPhone.

Temporary Ban

On the bright side of things, the ban is not permanent and Snapchat is giving jailbreak fans a chance to reboot their system and install an official version of iOS. As we all know, Apple is adamant about removing all types of jailbreak tools and it’s even giving out rewards for people who report exploits so that the developers can fix them before jailbreak fans can use them.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that some people from Reddit are speculating that Apple might have something to do with this. Banning all Snapchat fans who jailbreak their iPhones might be Apple’s way fighting against the jailbreak community.

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