Best Android Games on Vidmate

Having a smartphone comes with great things, including social media and games. You can find lots of amazing games on the Android smartphones. The Play Store has about 13 million apps. From these 13 million, 6 million are games. Here are the best trending games on Vidmate.

Navy Gunner Shoot War 3D

This game can be downloaded and installed directly from Vidmate. It is an action game that puts your mind to challenge in a 3D sea environment. And it’s completely free.

You’ll get to play with sniper soldiers, navy fighters, military officers and air war force in a casual combat rival offense.

There are more than 10 million players and it’s only of 44 MB in size. The last update happened in August 2018. For you to play it, you need android version 4.0.2 and above. The rating is 4-star at the moment.

What you need to do in this game is to protect your city and your fellow officers from your enemies. You’ll also need to fight back.

Bridge The Wall

This is also made only for Android. It only weights 2MB and has more than 10 million active players. The last update happened a year ago and you’ll need Android 2.3. for the game to work on your phone.

The game is not a hard one. All you need to do it join the walls and drive the car on the walls without having a car accident. The walls have different heights and lengths and, as the time passes, the speed of your car will also increase – you need to be very careful to not bump into a wall.

Temple Run OZ

This game is also available in the Playstore, but you’ll still need a third-party app store to get it on your android. Temple Run OZ is a very well-known modified version of the official Temple Run game made for Android. Its size is of 60.41 MB and you can easily get it from Vidmate.

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