Get Unlimited Resources with Clash of Clans Mod Apk

You’ve probably heard of Clash of Clans and you’re probably aware what it’s like to be a player: you always need more gems, elixirs, gold when you played on your smartphone. In the original game it’s not really possible, unless you buy more. However, if we are to talk about the exact same gameplay with the Clash of Clans Mod version, things change: you can get unlimited gems and resources. If you make the most out of them, you can max out Townhall 12 in only a few minutes.

There are several private-server games. They may ask you to update the app for it to work – this means that the uploaded apk is an old version.

So..what’s new?

If you decide to go for this, you’ll be able to instantly build a village you can call your own with the help of unlimited resources. You’ll also be able to train unique troops and give them multiple levels of upgrade. All your heroes will be maxed out, as well as buildings and defenses. You can plan attack strategies and then attack in the multiplayer mod or against a single-player mod. Your builder base will be built and maxed out in no time. Town Hall Level 16 (TH 12) will include command chats. Also, Builder Hall 8 is available and you can attack against a player in BH mode.

And besides the unlimited gold, elixir and gems, we think it’s pretty cool that you can attack with the new troops like Super Pekka, Workshop, Wall Wrecker, Electro Dragon and Battle Blimp.

For server 1

We must mention Clash of Lights, with Town Hall 12, custom Mod, unlimited resources, one gem upgrade and no build time. Also, Builder Hall is available.

For Server 2

We must mention Null’s Clash, with normal purchasing limit, unlimited resources, no custom mod, normal build cost and time and a faster server.

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