Google Pixel Phones will Feature the new Android 9 Pie

Just now, Google announced that its latest version of Android will arrive on its Pixel phones. Even the name isn’t bad at all, Android 9 Pie. What are its characteristics and what do we expect are fair questions. Follow up below.

What are its features?

As it was revealed earlier this year, in May, 9 Pie will come with a ‘Digital Wellbeing’ dashboard along with a series of improvements to the UI which are enhanced by AI, including a navigation system based on gestures. That’s not all, of course. This latest release from Google includes many more subtle improvements concerning the software design, from which the new status bar stands out as it is made to go hand in hand with the notch design.

What’s missing?

These new additions are great and all but they could have been more of them. However, there are some which will come later, according to Google. Although they were initially announced at Google I/O, features affecting the Digital Wellbeing will be missing. We are talking about the ‘wind down’ setting which was planned to be used while you sleep or when you wouldn’t use your phone for hours. Besides this one, we won’t come across app times or the usage dashboard either.

Although we won’t see them featured with Android 9 Pie, Pixel users will have the opportunity of trying them out as a beta version. The official release will happen this fall and along with it we expect to see Android One and ‘other devices’ which we feel will be the Pixel 3 phones.

We are not done with what we WON’T have on 9 Pie. ‘Slices’ were supposed to allow apps to showcase their functionality into search. This would have translated into using an app by just typing its name into the search bar, for example, typing Lyft in the main search bar will allow you to call a car without actually accessing the app. Fall is also the destination point of this feature.

Who should expect it first?

It’s only natural that Google should take care of their own first, right? That’s why Google Pixel users will receive the update first, followed by the rest of us. Google might force other manufacturers to rush with their Android updates, like Sony, OnePlus, Nokia or Xiaomi.

Concretely, Android 9 Pie will come with a better battery management system powered by AI. The app actions feature will make common app actions to be accessed by using buttons in the main Android launcher. For the Pixel users out there, expect it soon.

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