PAKET Delivery Network Based On Blockchain Plans To Dethrone Industry’s Big Players, Such As DHL And FedEx

The PAKET platform is a delivery network based on blockchain technology and is prepared to dethrone the big players in the parcel delivering industry, including DHL and FedEx, among others. Taking advantage of blockchain technology to create a transparent and accountable delivery process for the international parcel delivery industry, PAKET is close to becoming a fierce competitor for the already-existing conventional names in this sector of activity.

Today’s global package delivery industry is experiencing rapid technological and procedural change as a consequence of the implementation of new technologies and the growth of online retailing, especially.

These changes imply the inflow of new entrants, particularly at the regional level, where the majority of delivery activity is carried out. But the significant roles performed by the majority of the smaller participants in this industry, who form the core of the package delivery environment, have so yet to be adequately acknowledged.

PAKET delivery network based on blockchain technology plans to outperform big players in the industry, including DHL and FedEx

Some huge names like DHL and FedEx quickly pop to mind when we talk about parcel delivery. While these are still the leading international delivery providers, the fast development of online retailing necessitates increased involvement at scales where these significant operators have not been recognized.

The issue with the actual parcel delivery system is that it engages inadequately coordinated centralized bodies that are interconnected by various levels of middlemen. That is a significant loss concerning cost and quality-of-service, allowing for the inadequacies to exist in the present situation of the package delivery industry.

PAKET is an open network, based on blockchain technology, which provides unlimited access to opportunities for all levels of participants in the global delivery industry. Either as a private individual or as a company, everyone can become a member of the unquenchable pool of service suppliers and be paid for the work they perform.

For the end users, this implies a more secure, transparent and trackable parcel delivery network that guarantees an efficient delivery service.

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