Steam Flash Sales are Back – Popular 80% Discounts

According to some of the available reports found online, the steam flash sales are brought back to life. Apparently, that’s because the game buyers favor this kind of sales since they can get their desired games at better rates. This is good for the sellers too, of course. When there are many people that look to buy your game, even if you place 50% discounts you will make profit.

Flash Sales history

Flash sales became immensely popular in a quick time. Just think about it, being able to buy your highly desired game with a 50% discount or better yet, being able to obtain an 80% discount as long as you purchase it until midnight. That’s how flash sales took over the minds of Steam users.

Back in 2016 Valve put a stop to this system. It took two years for the idea to reintroduce itself in the mind of game sellers. We are not just saying that because we received confirmation via the Steam Translation Server team, although there are still people down at Valve that don’t completely support this idea.

Apparently, the reason why these sales were killed off was due to the fact that nobody went for the daily sale option. Instead, the majority of buyers waited for the flash sale to come up and buy a game at a much lower price. That’s when some companies reported losses that they didn’t predict.

Some might say that the buyers were the only ones that took something from this deal and as much as we root for the little guy, the game’s developers have to get paid as well.

In case the idea will get implemented again some certain measures are to be taken. Flash sales won’t occur as often as they did; instead, the sellers will have a say about how long a flash sale should take place. In the end, the introduction of flash sales will for sure bring on new buyers.

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