Clash Royale Latest August Update Targets Tesla, Bomb Tower and the Inferno Dragon

Clash Royale holds the title of being one of the most popular mobile games in the word. The reason behind Clash Royale’s success is quite simple, Supercell keeps refreshing the game’s content through constant updates that introduce new features, cards, software tweaks, balance changes and bug fixes. Therefore, Clash Royale fans never get bored because something new is always coming their way.

Since we are talking about Clash Royale updates, fans of the mobile game should be happy to know that Supercell released a major balance change update on August 6th that introduced a bunch of buffs and nerfs. With that being said, let’s check out which are the cards that received the biggest changes.


As all Clash Royale fans already know, Tesla is one of the most popular defensive buildings in the game because of its hit speed. Unfortunately, Supercell noticed that Tesla is a bit overpowered and decided to nerf Tesla’s lifespan and hit speed in order to make it easier for attackers to destroy it.

Bomb Tower

The Bomb Tower is also a highly popular building, but it’s not overpowered at all. Therefore, Supercell decided to reduce the cost of building it to four elixirs from five, while tweaking out some of its power. The Bomb Tower will now feature a lifespan of 35 (reduced from 40) and its hitpoints have also been reduced to 33.

Inferno Dragon

Dragons are the perfect troops for attacking enemies because of their range. Furthermore, the Inferno Dragon is a top pick for Clash Royale fans who want to defeat their foes and it looks like Supercell wants that to change. The reason we are saying this is because Supercell has decreased Inferno Dragon’s range from 4.0 to 3.5 tiles. Nonetheless, Inferno Dragon is still a powerful card even after this nerf.

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