Opera Browser With A Built-In Crypto Wallet Launched For Computers

The new version of the Opera browser for computers will include a crypto wallet, a feature they had already added in their release for mobile devices. Users of this browser will be able to synchronize their existing portfolio with this new update by merely scanning a QR code.

Users will be able to link their desktop wallet to their mobile devices so that private keys and passwords can be stored on the phone. The user will be able to sign transactions with “his fingerprints instead of using long phrases” to improve security, according to the statement. The new version is available since yesterday.

The Opera browser sums up more than 320 million users worldwide and is one of the most widely appreciated and secure Internet browsers out there. Opera even added a feature to prevent cryptojacking.

With its implementation on both supports, Opera becomes the first of the primary providers of this type of service to adopt cryptocurrency. Also, Opera crypto wallet could provide an impetus for other companies in the industry to make similar decisions.

Opera browser with a built-in crypto wallet tries to keep the things as decentralized as possible

By adding a crypto wallet directly in the browser, we eliminate the need for complex extensions or separate applications. Open the PC browser to encrypt the second step of Opera towards the creation of cryptocurrency and mainstream Web 3.0.

Charles Hamel, Product Manager for the new Opera browser with built-in crypto wallet

The sync between the desktop version of the new crypto-related Opera and the mobile version would permit users to keep their private keys locked securely. The storage of private keys and other sensitive information, however, remains the responsibility of the user, as Opera will not work with a centralized server to manage this kind of data.

As with the mobile application, the desktop client will support Ethereum (ETH) tokens, as well as digital collectible items created on this network, including CryptoKitties and collectible MLB tokens. Also, the crypto tokens generated in Initial Currency Offers (ICOs) can be stored using the Opera crypto wallet.

“Today’s web will be the interface to the decentralized network of the future. That’s why we have chosen to use our browser to close the gap,” said Hamel during the press conference that announced the launch of the mobile version of the Opera browser with the built-in crypto wallet.

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