Surface Pro 3 Receives Firmware Update that Improves Device Security

Microsoft has been keeping quite busy this past couple of days. The tech giant rolled out important firmware updates to Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 4, Surface Laptop and Surface Pro (2017). However, there is one Surface Pro device that didn’t receive the same treatment from Microsoft. The device we are talking about is called Surface Pro 3.

Surface Pro 3 Firmware Update

While Microsoft was rolling out important firmware updates to the previously mentioned Surface devices, Surface Pro 3 was being left behind. This angered the community and people kept making posts on the community forum and asked Microsoft to deliver firmware updates to Surface Pro 3 as well. Fortunately, Microsoft listened to the feedback it received and rolled out a new firmware update for Surface Pro 3.

Improved System Stability

The new update that Surface Pro 3 owners are receiving OTA (over the air) sports the “Surface UEFI – Firmware 3.11.2450.0” version number and Microsoft says that it will improve device security. Unfortunately, this is the only thing that Microsoft had to say about the latest firmware update and its highly unlikely that it will introduce any new features.

High-End Tablet

Surface Pro 3 is one of the most successful tablets that Microsoft launched and this is why the community was surprised to see that its not a top priority when it comes to firmware updates. Nonetheless, Surface Pro 3 was announced on May 20th, 2014 and it shipped with a massive 12.0-inches display that uses IPS LCD technology.

While the display might be impressive, the most important hardware part that Surface Pro 3 has to offer is the Intel Core i7 CPU that hides beneath its hood. The CPU is paired with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage space.

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