Facebook Messenger Beta Download Available with AR Games

Even though reports are showing that Facebook is losing its popularity, the social media giant is not giving up that easy. Instagram and Snapchat are the two apps that are “stealing” users from Facebook and Facebook decided to strike back by launching a new update for the Messenger app which introduces two AR games.

Facebook Messenger Beta

The latest update for Facebook Messenger has been recently released and it sports the beta version number. As we can clearly tell from the update’s version number, the update is targeted towards beta testers who want to get access to Facebook’s latest features ahead of everyone else. With that said, let’s see what the new update brings.

AR Games

One of the main reasons why Snapchat and Instagram have the upper hand over Facebook is because they feature cool camera filters. Well, it looks like Facebook wants to get back into the popularity race because the new update introduces two new AR (augmented reality) games which are quite similar to what Snapchat and Instagram have to offer. Nonetheless, the two games are really fun to play and it shows us that Facebook is taking the Messenger app into the right direction.

Android Package Kit

We need to mention that this latest update is exclusive to Android users because it comes in the form of APK. APK is an acronym for “Android Package Kit” and Facebook fans who want to get access to the new AR games need to manually download and install the update. This is the case with all APK updates. In addition, Facebook fans who want the new update also need to enlist in Facebook’s beta program and to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature that can be found in the “Settings” panel.

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