iMac 2018 – Specs, Launch Date, Price and Everything Else You Need to Know

Today we are going to cover everything there is to know about Apple’s highly anticipated iMac 2018 starting with specs, possible launch date and ending with expected price. The topic that we will cover the most is the CPU one since that is the hardware part that matters the most. With that being said, let’s get into it.

Processor Variants

As previously mentioned, the most important piece of hardware that the upcoming iMac 2018 will have to offer is the CPU. Rumor has it that Apple is looking to make iMac 2018 available in a bunch of CPU variants which is great news because it means that Apple fans can get the iMac 2018 model that suits their needs the most.

  • The affordable version of iMac 2018 will ship with an i3-8100 or i3-8350K CPU;
  • The mid-range version of iMac 2018 will ship with a 2.8GHz i5-8400 CPU;
  • The high-end version of iMac 2018 will ship with an i7-8700 CPU that clocks at 3.2GHz.

RAM Memory

The three Coffee Lake CPUs that iMac 2018 will be available with support DDR4 memory in 2666 MHz dual-channel mode. Therefore, we expect that Apple will make iMac 2018 available in the following RAM variants: 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. However, Apple might also take things to the next level and introduce a 64GB RAM model.

Expected Launch Date and Price

iMac 5 was revealed back in 2017 in June during the WWDC conference. However, Apple’s didn’t reveal iMac 2018 during this year’s WWDC conference and this leads us to believe that Apple might be planning to launch the device in September, at the same time with its next-generation iPhone models.

When it comes to price, the affordable version of iMac 2018 will cost somewhere around $1,338. The mid-range model is expected to ship with a price tag of $1,600 while the high-end model will be priced at $1,850.

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