Adobe Flash Player Latest Update Download Available

Adobe Flash Player came in with a new version in order to settle the hardware related security issues dangers as a response to the vulnerabilities in popular CPUs recently revealed.

The program will be able to patch a portion of the way the software works in order to settle some of the vulnerabilities that the hardware might have and be disclosed recently.

No matter the platform, the update will be available at the size of 22 megabytes. If you have not already gotten this update, what are you waiting for? After the download is over, run the installer and get going.

What Does the New Update Bring?

The potential danger of Spectre and Meltdown will be mitigated by the new Flesh Update. By default, the shareable property of the ActionScript ByteArray class will be turned off, as decided by the Adobe Flash team. It aims to possibly eliminate or at least reduce these dangers.

This will happen if users do not get ready to enable it without help. By setting ‘EnableInsecureByteArrayShareable’ from 0 to 1, you will be able to override the feature for Flash Player 30 and above. This change can be carried out only by administrators. The team will also add the timer APIs and jitter to the event.

Administrators will finally be able to use the shareable feature on a per-domain basis after this update. Admins will be able to create a whitelist including exceptions to the rule with the help of ‘EnableInsecureByteArrayShareableDomain.’ However, only the IP addresses and domain names will have the setting applied on. Otherwise, a denial will be received no matter the access request. To include a domain name in the whitelist, you only need to use an asterisk wildcard. Along with this update, everything about Adobe Flash Player has become more accessible and safer.

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