Android 9 Pie vs. Android 8 Oreo – What’s There to Know?

Ten years ago, in 2008, Android was launched, and it has been improving since. Now, Android is almost as good as iOS.

If you want to find out more about the differences between the Android 9 Pie and Android 8 Oreo and what improvements the new update comes with, keep reading.


Android Pie gives the phone more color, in the icons from the Setting menu for example and a few more curves like the ones from the notifications drop-down.


As we all know, times flies, and we haste wasted time, so Android Pie comes in handy when it comes to this subject. It provides the user with a Dashboard that shows how much time you spend daily on your phone, on every app and how much battery they consume.

Night mode

Android Pie comes with an app called Wind Down. It changes the colors on your phone as your bedtime approaches as well as the phone into Do not disturb mode in order to avoid unhealthy phone usage.

Battery management

Adaptive Battery is featured on the Android Pie. It is a mode which analyzes what apps you use most and which ones you do not and then it changes the background permissions as a way of cutting battery waste.

Copy and paste

The magnified lense from iPhone comes to Android Pie, and it makes it easier to copy and paste.

Recent apps

The multi-tasking staple in Android Pie looks like iPhone’s app switching interface as the app previews sit side by side and are flat cards. This is an improvement as the Recent Apps screen is now more consistent and cleaner.

Now that you know most of the improvements Android 9 Pie comes with, which one will win the battle?

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