How to Remove or Reinstall Tap Windows Adapter V9

What is Tap Windows Adapter V9?

It is a virtual network protocol that helps third-party VPN function properly. Most popular VPN solutions such as Hamachy, Cyberghost, Tunngle and others require it at installation if you don’t already have it. You can find it installed in C:/Program Files/Tap-Windows.

Depending on your OS version two versions can be encountered:

For Windows XP it is the NDIS 5 Driver or tap version 9.9.x

From Windows Vista to Windows 10 it is NDIS 6 or 9.21.x

When can the adapter cause problems?

If you use a VPN or private network daily in order to securely connect to the network you have no reasons to remove the adapter. In some cases, you may observe that your connection has become either very slow or even unresponsive.  A quick check-up may reveal if your Tap adapter is working properly or if it is corrupted. If you no longer use a VPN solution, the adapter may not have uninstalled correctly and you may want to completely remove it.

How to reinstall the adapter

  1. Start by closing down your active VPN connection and the VPN program.
  2. Open a RUN window by pressing on the Windows key and R.
  3. Type devmgmt.msc and hit enter to open device management( Alternatively you can search device manager via the Start menu)
  4. Find the Network adapters menu and expand the list. Search for the Tap-Windows Adapter V9. A yellow exclamation mark means that it is not properly working. Right click on it and select Uninstall device
  5. After it finishes, close the menu and open your VPN service. It may prompt you to download the missing driver or download it silently. If the driver later still appears as missing without an option to download it, simply reinstall your VPN and you should be got to go.

How to completely remove it from the system

If you no longer use any VPN services and your internet speed seems slow, uninstalling the Tap adapter may be a solution. Keep in mind that you should first remove your VPN program, as it may reinstall the Tap adapter at every boot due to an automated startup task.

Go to Add or Remove Programs from either the Control Panel or Start Menu.

Search four VPN program (or all if you used more) and uninstall them.

Remove the Tap-adapter by following the steps in the previous section and it will no longer bother you.

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