Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Hybrid Tablet Comes with New Improvements

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has quite a reputation, so it got the public excited for its reveal. Below are some of the improvement expected to come along with this tablet/

The possible features of Microsoft Surface Pro 5:

1.     The processing power is better

This is expected because the predecessors of this tablet were not as satisfying are other tablets on the market because of the lack of improvement. For example, the 2017 model had the boring 7th-generation Intel processor.

2.     Better battery life

Surface Pro 4 users were not happy with its performance. If that will be improved, it might be able to compete with most bought tablets and computers.

3.     Enhanced Cortana

Cortana is the personal assistant present in Windows 10 which would make things more efficient for Surface Pro 5 users.

4.     USB-C slot

USB Type-C slots have faster speeds at transferring, and if Microsoft Surface Pro 5 gets it, the tablet will be the first one with such technology.

5.     Fingerprint recognition

Besides the security of the device, fingerprint recognition is present in most devices so Microsoft must introduce it too.

6.     The peripherals integration gets an update

Because of Microsoft goal to revolutionize the modern PC, the company will introduce wearables and headsets.

7.     Innovative Surface Pen

Patents that were registered under the company give a hint at the possibility of the pen to have something like a mouse scroll.

8.     Sharper and larger screen

Along with a 4K display, this will become a necessity.

The Surface Pro 5 might be released whether in October or June 2019, and it will come at the price of $799 in the United States for the base model.

Hunter Texidor

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