WhatsApp for Samsung – How to Fix Any Crashes

There was a time when Samsung phones experienced some problems with WhatsApp, especially on Galaxy S8, where the app was regularly crashing. Luckily, anyone can easily fix these glitches as long as they have the necessary knowledge and tools, so there is no need to worry about these bugs anymore.

How can you fix the errors

One thing that you should note is that whenever you encounter recurrent crashes on a third party app, you have more chances to fix the error by yourself, as what you are experiencing is most likely just a small problem. On the other hand, when a pre-installed app starts acting crazy and you start noticing various errors, then you could have a problem with the firmware. So what can you do in order to fix these crashes? We’ll share you with some of the things that you can do effortlessly in order to put an end to the problem.

Restart your device

The first thing that you should always do whenever you experience a problem with an app is to restart your phone. This will allow all apps that are running in the background to close, and in this way, the memory of your Samsung device will be refreshed.

Try clearing the cache and data of WhatsApp

This is the next step that you should take, as resetting the app will bring it to its default settings. In case there were any corrupted caches and data files within the app, the restart will allow for them to be replaced. Have no worries about this, as this step will not affect any of your data and files, since they are saved in the WhatsApp servers.

If nothing seems to work, uninstall and reinstall the app

Removing and fixing third-party apps is not a difficult task at all, so you can easily try to uninstall the app from your phone if none of the above steps worked for you. Like this, any pre-existing problems with the app will be completely gone. Once you do this, you just have to install the app again.

We know that all Samsung devices seem to encounter some problems with WhatsApp, however, if you use any other Android mobile device, you can use the above-mentioned solutions as well.

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