BlackBerry Key 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Durability and Productivity Comparison

Productivity is Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s primary goal. From its S Pen which is enabled by Bluetooth to the DeX Mode recently integrated, this phone makes you work harder. Can it be compared to the new BlackBerry Key2? Let’s see!

Charging, performance, and battery life

Both the Samsung and the BlackBerry will get you through an entire day no matter how demanding you are. Despite the Key2 having a 500mAh smaller battery than Note’s 4,000mAh one, it still got some excellent stamina because it is also smaller and has a less powerful processor. They charge pretty fast as well giving you 3-4 hours of battery even though it charged only for 15 minutes. The advantage Note 9 has over its rival is its wireless charging.

This round’s winner is Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Durability and design

Everything is more evident when it comes to durability. Note 9 is made all out of glass which does not get along with the floor. However, Key2 got an aluminum body, so it is less likely to break if dropped. The Note 9 has also gained a certificate from IP68 which makes is undestroyable to a drop in the water. On the other side, Key2 is not good at swimming so water might end its life for good.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is again the winner.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wins

Taking into account the arguments above, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be considered the winner. BlackBerry Key2 is not a bad phone because it also has good productivity features but its specs are just not enough to beat Note 9’s DeX mode. If you are in search of a productivity workhorse, you will not go wrong with either of this phones. You can even save some money with the BlackBerry.

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