Surface Pro Software Update will be Released to fix Its Pen Problems

If you are a Surface Pro user then maybe you can relate to the that Microsoft’s surface pen has. Needless to say, the cause is not known yet, but Microsoft does not let you down.

The company has been working on a software fix in order to solve the inaccuracy of the Surface Pro’s stylus which is known by the name of Surface Pen. The problem focuses on the fact that users have been facing with the digital pen because it does not work when you rest your hand on the screen while using it.

Why is this solution the best?

A report from The Verge said late on Tuesday “Microsoft has been investigating a fix, and the latest Surface Pro firmware update, available on Windows Update now addresses problems with ‘palm rejection affecting Surface Pen accuracy.'”

This news came as a relief to the Surface Pro owners because the solution did not include the replacements of the units. To solve the inaccuracy of the Surface Pet Microsoft only needed to make a software fix avoiding both waste of money, time and other resources.

In addition to this, “Affected users have confirmed pen strokes are now fully accurate when resting a hand on the Surface Pro screen.”

More detailed information

After Microsoft has claimed its Surface Pen to be the fastest digital stylus available at the moment on the market, Apple fired back with its new Apple Pencil which is said to be even faster than Microsoft’s stylus.

The issues faced by Surface Pro users gave the company the opportunity to modify the digital pen’s software in a way in which it can beat Apple’s stylus.

Microsoft has also come with one more solution. Users whose Surface Pro 4s have a screen that flicker have the warranty to have it replaced in the company’s warranty replacement programme.

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