Top 5 Apps for Rooting your Android Smartphone

Rooting your device offers a host of benefits in comparison to unrooted. Before we start to read some interesting tech information for your inner nerd below.

What is rooting?

When you root an Android phone you remove the restrictions placed on the user. Usually, the user has limited access to certain files and processes in order to prevent any possible mistakes caused by accidentally deleting important files (similar to admin Windows user deleting the system32 folder). When you root your smartphone you become a superuser, able to access and modify hidden files and settings. You can even delete system apps such as the call, messaging and camera app.

Rooting your device offers several advantages, with some highlights conveniently assembled in a list below:

Custom ROMs: The Prime reason for rooting your device. Custom ROMs are smaller, faster and come with better apps. They also lack the usual bloatware that comes bundled with most phones.

CPU clocking: You can change the CPU clock to increase performance or conserve energy according to your needs.

Battery saving: There are several root-only apps that allow you to boost your battery life and prevent unnecessary waste

Full data backup: Apps like Titanium Backup allow you to save everything on your phone in case something goes wrong and you need to reset the device

Keep in mind that there are also some disadvantages:

Rooting voids your warranty and if your phone breaks you will have to repair it out of your own pocket

You can brick your phone and it will be rendered useless in the case of a hard brick

Official updates will not be available for your device unless you manually update it

You may become exposed to hackers and malicious apps

Before you install one of the apps listed, go to Settings/Developer options/ USB Debugging and check it is enabled. Download and run any of the apps and follow the steps recommended by it.


Kingroot is the best apps for people that want to root their phone easily. It runs on most devices and it is very simple to use. If you change your mind, unrooting is one tap away so it’s also safe to use. Keep in mind that if you opt for its custom launcher it will play ads on your home screen.


Framaroot is a powerful app for rooting and device that has an unlocked bootloader. It supports a wide variety of phones and it also has a built-in unroot feature. No ads were visible after installation so it is also quite clean.


A fan favorite because it is intuitive and fast, Kingo Root will root your device with one tap. It works on most Android devices and the risk of bricking your phone is quite low. While the app works like a charm, it may bombard you with ads from time to time.

One Click Root

As the name tells you, the process is quick and painless. It also has a livechat feature if you get stuck which is very useful. The app works on most devices but some may require additional steps. It will also show some ads from time to time.


Made by the world renowned GeorgeGeoHot,  Towelroot can easily surpass root-prevention software previously installed by the manufacturer. It is fast and easy to use but it may not run on select Samsung and HTC devices. It is also free and available on its website.

And there you have it, the best 5 apps for rooting your phone. Tons of features await you, should you be ready to take the step, but keep in mind that no one is liable if your phone bricks during the process so if you are not ready to take the risk it is better to stick to vanilla Android for now. Enjoy!

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