Diablo III Available to Download and Play on Switch

Finally, there is some good news for the fans of Diablo III. This very popular game will become available on Switch later this year, being the first Blizzard title compatible with a Nintendo platform in around 15 years. But this is not all, as Legend of Zelda should also arrive on Switch somewhere in 2018.

Porting of Diablo III to Switch went smoothly

According to Pete Stilwell, a senior producer, the process of porting Diablo III was accomplished without any complications and the hardest part of it was the “conversion on the graphics site”. During a meeting that took place earlier this week in San Francisco, Stilwell offered hope to the fans of Blizzard productions, saying that the porting of Diablo III to Switch is just the beginning and more titles are expected to follow. He also praised Nintendo for their help and attitude in the porting process.

The whole process took nine months

Diablo III was a perfect choice for a Switch port, as a lot of work was done a few years ago, when the game was transformed from PC to consoles. It is also worth mentioning that Blizzard had additional help from Iron Galaxy, the studio responsible for the Switch port of Skyrim in 2017. In case of Diablo III, the whole process of making the game compatible with Switch took around nine months.

What about other Blizzard games

The successful process of porting Diablo III does not mean that all other Blizzards titles will be adapted to Switch, as each game will still require a separate process. Overwatch was given as an example of such game, however, Stilwell said that there is a possibility of a Switch port of this title as well.

We do not have good news for those who hope to see Diablo on mobile devices, as Stilwell stated that there is no interest in this. He also said that they would have to face many challenges in the process of adopting Diablo to the requirements of smartphones.

The senior producer also stated that the version of Diablo III will be much improved, compared to the game we all played after its launch in 2012.

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