Fallout 76: Find out what we heard at QuakeCon

According to QuakeCon 2018 attendees, Bethesda does not stop improving Fallout 76. The multiplayer and always online game is now equipped with plenty of new tools such as a new perk system to launch nukes, and the NPC component will also be removed.

No more NPCs

NPCs will disappear in order to make the game more unpredictable.

 GRIEFERS will get punished

If you ever encounter a griefer, you will see how obvious it would be to identify it. It will appear on everyone’s map as a red indicator, and it will also be considered a wanted murderer with a bounty on their had.

The new perk system

Fallout 76 will come with a new way of trading cards. Besides the fact that you can unlock them at every level, you can also increase your skills. The cards can also be shared with comrade if you are a player with high Charisma.

Your own mods and servers

If you want a more contained experience, you will be able to use the private servers mods will be available for handling and if any issues occur Bethesda will deal with them.

Do not let nukes get to your base

If you want to defend yourself, you can create a base of operations by building settlements and structures. Beside Super Mutants and Raiders a new force comes in the game, the nukes. You can now launch nukes against your opponents, but you will also need to defend from the ones sent towards you.

If you want to destruct your base nuclearly, you will need to blueprint the builds sometime ahead. You can pop your base up to another location even though it is leveled and you can also use it if you simply want to move.

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