Google Earth Newest Version Download Available for Windows and Mac

People that love to travel around the world via Google Earth have a new reason to be happy as the latest downloadable version brings lots of new interesting features.

Google Earth is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. It is also available on Mac as Google Pro.

Among the basic features of Google Earth we can list

  • Availability of advanced measurement data
  • Pro data layers that are only available in the app
  • The option to print high-resolution maps
  • You can import spreadsheets
  • Built-In movie maker for interactive geography lessons
  • The ability to import vector image files via GIS import
  • The update adds a plethora of new features:
  • Security fixes and the improvement of certificate support
  • Improved support for older Mac file formats and CSV importation
  • Improved layout, data synch and stability
  • International languages also receive better support, keyboard shortcut and missing translations were added
  • Fixes for the 64-bit version of Windows regarding crashes, joystick support and COM application support

Google Earth a program that creates and renders a 3D representation of the Earth by using satellite imagery. The program works by superimposing satellite images, aerial shots, and GIS data in the form of a 3D globe, which allows users to observe the globe from various points of view. You can explore the world by entering an address or coordinates.

The program is also available on the mobile platforms via apps, but they are merely a simplified version of the original desktop ones. The computer versions offer additional features such as additional globes for the Moon and Mars, and a tool to observe the night sky. A flight simulator game is also included in the app.

The program has been banned by some countries as they consider it to be a threat to national security, while others have requested that sensible locations such as military bases should be obscured.

The program is available for free on the official website and select app stores.

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