Aptoide 9.0 Now Available to Download – The Best Alternative to Google Play Store

The Play Store has plenty of apps available for all tastes and genres. There are, however, many apps that don’t make the cut which can be very useful for a variety of situations, including games, downloaders and much more. In order to enjoy a greater variety of apps, you should download the newly released version of the Aptoide repository, which has become a very popular alternative to Google Play Store.

Aptoide also offers several advances all listed below.

There is no need to register an account

You can freely use the app after installation without entering data or register an account. The app is a safe and reliable download source for over 30,000 apps, and all of them are constantly update. It even features an update mechanic similar to that of the Play Store as you can batch update all your apps with one tap.

Easily revert to a previous version of an app

Let’s say you upload an app. You launch it soon after, only to discover that it does no longer run well on your phone, a feature you liked was removed, it is now plagued by ads, etc. While you can’t do anything if it was downloaded from the Play Store, Aptoide has a handy rollback feature. Merely tap a button and you can restore your app to the previous version anytime you feel like it.

Intuitive interface and easy to use

The app offers a simplified user interface that allows you to easily find the app you want to find and download. You can also find interesting apps that were removed from the official Play Store such as downloaders, overclocking apps, superuser apps and many more. It is also great for older Android phones as it gives them access to apps that are not available to them otherwise.

The most recent version is available on the official website. Keep in mind that you must allow the installation of apps from unknown sources before you try to install Aptoide. Enjoy!

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