Is it Legal to Download the ShowBox APK app?

With a growing popularity of binge-watching, many users start to wonder: is it legal to use video streaming apps? This question is a recurring subject of discussions in online forums. Currently, the most widely used app for video streaming is ShowBox. Let’s take a look at ShowBox APK then, in search for an answer to this question.

The advantages of using ShowBox

Talking about ShowBox, it is hard not to notice this free media streaming app’s versatility, as it supports PC, Apple, Apple TV, Xbox, Android and many other platforms. The important thing for many users is surely the fact that no subscription is required in order to watch videos through this app. ShowBox is also easy to use, which is definitely a plus for a little bit older users.

Some of the features of ShowBox

The success of ShowBox is not a surprise, considering its features, such as a library containing a wide selection of all genres and languages, high-quality video streaming, offline video downloading and unlimited streaming and downloading.

Is ShowBox legal or not?

Asked whether streaming through ShowBox is legal or not, many users would surely give us different answers. It looks like there are many opinions on this subject.

Of course, there are many who have nothing against using it for video streaming. Some are concerned with the safety of getting such app, as it is not too secure and does not protect against viruses.

ShowBox is most likely not a licensed app, therefore it cannot be found in the Google Play store, but we have to visit a third-party website in order to download it.

The lack of an official website also worries many users, so there is no way to interact with the app’s developers or get technical support if needed.

It looks like there is no answer as to whether ShowBox is legal or not, and all users have to make their own decision before they decide to download it.

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