Latest Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors Talk About 5G Support, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Reader, Triple Camera

The recently-released Samsung Galaxy Note 9 came out with only a few technological advancements, but the future Samsung Galaxy S10 would be revolutionary and might roll out with a whole bunch of new features. However, many rumors on what it will bring came out over the time, but the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors indicate that the upcoming flagship smartphone would have 5G support, ultrasonic fingerprint reader, and triple camera.

Will Samsung Galaxy S10 roll out with 5G support?

According to a ValueWalk report, Samsung plans on releasing its first 5G smartphones in 2019 to get the momentum of the 5G buzz expected next year. However, S10 might not be the first smartphone released by Samsung with 5G support.

As stated by DJ Koh, Samsung’s mobile business head, Samsung Galaxy S10 would not be the first 5G smartphone of the Korean company, but he did not mention which would be the first one.

Samsung patented an ultrasonic fingerprint reader

During a conference held in China, the same DJ Koh mentioned that the next year’s Samsung flagship smartphone, Galaxy S10, would replace the current optical fingerprint sensors with the newly patented ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology.

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the Samsung’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader would contain an ultrasonic transmission/reception module that can activate an area of the display to “read” the fingerprint. Also, the new technology would employ different scan frequencies to register the data.

Additionally, another rumor in this regard said that only the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus would come out with this new system.

One Samsung Galaxy S10 rumor suggests a triple camera setup

Allegedly, some inside sources stated that the Samsung Galaxy S10 triple camera setup would be made of a 13 MP sensor, a 12 MP wide-angle lens, and a 16 MP super-wide angle lens.

While Samsung would implement a triple camera setup on Galaxy S10 for the first time, the Korean company also plans to install such a system on the late-2019 Galaxy A models.

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