Minecraft: Story Mode is a Great Experience with Narrative Touch

An old game

Being available on almost every platform, from PC to smartphones, Minecraft is a very popular game. Millions of people around the role have enjoyed the game fighting for their life in survival, creating an amazing building on the creative ode or merely playing a benevolent hero in adventure mode.

A fresh twist

Made in collaboration with Telltale Games, Minecraft: Story Mode adds a surprisingly well-working element: narration. It masterfully encapsulates what made Minecraft great while offering the storytelling features and branched narratives for which Telltale games are known.

The narrative touch

The story manages to feel original and familiar at the same, featuring well-known shenanigans from the fan favorite voxel-based game. One outstanding element is the pig, serving as a terrific comedic relief. It shines a whole new light on how a real universe based on Minecraft may look like.

What you do matters

In classic Telltale fashion the choices you take shape up the story in a different way. Certain characters will remember what you did and they may favor or disfavor you later in the game based on what you did. At the end of each chapter, you will see which choice was the most popular among fellow players.

Busy for a while

The adventure will keep you busy for quite a while. Season one features eight episodes while season two already features five launched episodes and more in the making.  As different choices lead to different results, there is also a sizeable replay value that is well worth your hard earned cash.

Gentle on your system

The game is quite soft the system requirements side. You need an Intel Dual Core, 3GB of RAM and a 512MB RAM video card, which means that it should be playable even on relatively new budget laptops.

The game is also available for the mobile and console platforms. Enjoy!

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