PUBG Mobile Has A Bright Future As It Just Exceeded 100 Million Downloads, Worldwide

PlayersUnkown Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is in the gaming landscape for some time now. Its boom in popularity was questionable at first when it launched on both the Android and iOS mobile platforms. On the other hand, some gamers believe that PUBG is the best game ever on mobile devices, although the “PUBG Vs. Fortnite” saga is far from ending. But, regardless of that, PUBG has a bright future as it just exceeded 100 million downloads, worldwide.

PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds managed to bring all the goods from console/PC version to mobile devices

In fact, PUBG playability is unrivaled in the mobile game world, and, besides, the game comes with all the features you need, including realistic graphics, an interactive environment, and intense gameplay, among others.

And all those features are more common for console or PC games, but PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds managed to bring that to mobile devices which, above all, is the ideal recipe for success.

PUBG for mobile platforms is maybe the coolest gaming adventure on Android, at least.

PUBG just exceeded 100 million downloads, worldwide, ensuring a bright future for itself

With all those facts presented above in mind, there is no surprise that PUBG managed to exceed 100 million downloads around the world. As many might see it as a heavy game with intensive graphics content, others (to be read “the majority”) consider its addictive gameplay is enough to make any possible shortcomings fade away.

Now, as PUBG mobile exceeded the 100 million downloads mark, the future for this game is brighter than it has ever been, as this achievement is the irrefutable proof that PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds for Android and iOS is a very appreciated video game.

What about the PUBG Vs. Fortnite saga?

In my opinion, there is no reason to compare two great games. However, honestly, PUBG outperforms Fortnite, to some extent. First of all, Fortnite is not available on Google Play Store, while, secondly, the game runs on a limited number of devices, is based on an invitation system, and has several restrictions that might ruin the gameplay.

As for PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds, its devs seem to work for the gamers instead of working only for profits, as a PUBG Lite version, newly released in the Philippines, make the game runnable on budget level smartphones.

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