iOS 12 Jailbreak: Nullpixel From Electra Team Said A Jailbreak Solution For iOS 12 Would Come Out

Every iOS user who would like to get more control over its Apple devices waits for a new iOS jailbreak solution for every new iOS release. And according to the Electra team member Nullpixel, an iOS 12 jailbreak would come out, eventually, even though the new Apple operating system for mobile devices is weeks away.

Nullpixel expressed his opinions on this subject on Twitter, even though we’re at least one month apart from the official release of the new iOS 12. However, iOS 12 public beta releases allowed the jailbreak community to explore every possible way that would permit them to develop a jailbreak solution once the new Apple’s operating system launches.

iOS 12 jailbreak is possible and would come out, eventually, says Nullpixel from Electra team

Nullpixel, a member of the Electra team, explained on Twitter that it would typically be possible for the devs to develop an iOS 12 jailbreak. And that assumption might be correct, taking into account that the Electra team was behind many jailbreak solutions, including the iOS 11 jailbreak.

“There will be a jailbreak for a signed iOS 12 version. Not 100% confident but pretty sure. Don’t quote me if it doesn’t happen,” said Nullpixel from Electra team on Twitter.

Are we going to have an iOS 12 jailbreak solution soon after iOS 12 rolls out?

The jailbreak community started to experience many challenges in developing jailbreak solutions since Apple began to implement better security measures in its mobile operating system.

Also, more and more users don’t want to blow up their iPhone warranty by installing jailbreak solutions. In other words, limiting to Apple’s operating system as it seems the best solution for many users of iPhone and iPad.

Nullpixel and his colleagues at the Electra team are still working on the iOS 12 jailbreak. However, it remains to be seen whether the new jailbreak solution for iOS 12 will be available as soon as the new Apple operating system for its mobile devices launches. It might be possible, but unlikely, to be honest.

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