iPad Pro 2018 is the Bigger iPhone X? See what Features will the Tablet Get from the Phone

Over the last few months, the rumors about an upcoming iPad Pro launch kept getting more and more often on the internet. According to them, it seems like the awaited Apple tablet will have some similarities to the iPhone X.

Usually, every iPad and iPhone display would come with squared-off edges, but when the iPhone X arrived in the game, it changed it all featuring a display with rounded edges aiming to match the handset’s curvature.

After significant digs through the iOS 12 developer data, 9to5Mac has found an asset similar to a visual mask which might be used to round the UI’s corners. This asset comes with the codename J3XX, and it is considered an indicator of 2018’s iPad Pro model.

It seems like this information suggest that the 2018 iPad Pro will look like the iPhone X due to the introduction of rounded corners on the device’s display.

Will the iPad Pro turn into iPad Pro X?

After taking into consideration the rumors that iPad Pro will support the Face ID technology and the UI mask, there are no other proofs needed to believe that the 2018 model of the tablet will not feature a Home button and its bezels will be significantly reduced.

According to 9to5Mac, there are more juicy hints enforcing this rumors, and it is here to inform the Apple fans. These are the two small icons in a diagnostic of the battery usage. The tiny tiles we are talking about giving hints about a future model that will lack a Home button and prominent bezels plus a model which will not.

If you are wondering what tablet you should buy and you are a fan of iPhone X, you should take into account the possibility of purchasing the 2018 iPad Pro.

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