Google Chrome 69 Redesign Update To Launch On September 4th

Google Chrome 69 would roll out with some changes regarding its visuals. The new redesign update will launch on September 4th, but the announcement did not present further details about the changes that would be implemented. We’ll talk about what we know so far.

Google Chrome redesign update to come with curvy Chrome tabs and Material Design

As far as we know, Google Chrome 69 would come with curvy Chrome tabs with a new Material Design overhaul, as the company announced in July. On the other hand, the release notes on the upcoming redesign update inform that some new features would also be added in forthcoming Chrome version, most of which aiming better Windows integration, security, and stability.

“Highlights include Microsoft Windows 10 notification-center integration, touchpad gesture navigation on Windows, and autofill updates,” the new release notes read.

Google Chrome 69 boasts several security updates

According to the company, the upcoming Google Chrome 69 version would include the brand new Password Alert extension to signal you anytime suspicious activity occurs regarding your Google accounts, as well as other accounts protected by the extension.

Also reported in the release notes, there is the addition of a third-party code blocker, running by default, that would stop other apps from binding themselves to the Chrome’s processes, in a measure that’s meant to reduce the number of crashes and improve the security.

Adobe Flash Player getting closer to complete elimination from Chrome browser

Once Google Chrome 69 rolls out, the update would bring Adobe Flash Player closer to its complete removal from the browser, a movement on which Google is working for several years now.

Accordingly, the new version of the most popular Internet browser on the market would ask users if they allow or not Adobe Flash to run every time when a site needs the plugin to show content.

In conclusion, Google Chrome 69 redesign update would boast new visuals, along with enhanced security features, among other exciting additions.

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