Minecraft: Education Edition For iOS To Come Out In September

If a few years ago we had been told that a game of building exaggerated polygons would serve to teach the younger ones in the classroom, we would not have believed it at all. That is what is happening with Minecraft, which, since Microsoft bought it, has not stopped growing in many aspects, including the education. And, by the way, Microsoft: Education Edition will be available for iOS in September.

Microsoft is convinced that Minecraft can significantly help students to become interested in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines, so in order to reach as many students as possible, they have had to directly address to the most successful device in the classroom, namely, the iPad.

Apple’s work in providing resources and tools to schools has been incredible, lately, so it’s no surprise that their iPad tablets are among the most popular products found in schools.

Minecraft: Education Edition – A game designed for education purposes

As the iPad is the most popular device in schools, it hasn’t been a questionable choice for Microsoft to come up with a new Minecraft: Education Edition for iOS version. Even more, this brand new version of Minecraft for Apple devices will come out in two variants, one for teachers and one for students, each with its features.

The teacher would not be in charge of creating content in the Minecraft’s universe of blocks, but they could propose tasks and exercises that the students will have to complete. In this way, the students have the opportunity to learn and review concepts as they play, either alone or as a team.

The new Minecraft: Education Edition will arrive on iOS in September, right at the end of the holiday period, and it will be available for download directly from the official Apple’s App Store on iPad or iPhone, as well.

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