PlayStation 5: What we Know About the Next Console by Sony

With PlayStation 4 slowly coming to the end of its life cycle, millions of fans around the world wait impatiently for the next generation of Sony’s popular console. It is well known that a large part of Sony’s revenue comes from its gaming platform, therefore we should all expect that this tech giant will invest a fortune in the upcoming PlayStation 5. With the launch of this new console we will definitely see some great improvements of its specifications and features, compared to its predecessor. Let’s take a look at the rumors surrounding PS5, its competition with Xbox Two, the possible titles that will be released for this platform, as well as the expected release date of this next generation console.

PS5 will compete with Xbox Two

According to numerous reports, Sony is not the only tech company expected to launch its console in the relatively near future, as it is widely known that Microsoft is currently engaged in the process of creating its own console of the next generation. This platform, which most likely will be named Xbox Two, will be the fourth device of the very popular Xbox line. Since these two consoles are going to be released around the same time, all tech analysts expect a fierce battle between Sony and Microsoft for the title of the best gaming platform on the market.

Many experts expect an extremely intense rivalry between them when it comes to streaming. It looks like it could be the last generation of gaming platforms before this industry is fully integrated with streaming, therefore it might be the main factor in determining which one is the winner.

Some rumors also state that the launch date of Xbox Two could strongly influence the release of PS5. It is very likely that a rapid progress of Microsoft in developing their console might force Sony to speed up their works on PS5.

The opening lineup of PlayStation 5

As it always happens, Sony might want to attract potential customers using a strong opening lineup of new titles as a bait. At the moment, we can only speculate about the possible games that will be available to play on PS5, but there are some strong rumors surrounding especially these three titles: Call of Duty 2019, The Last of Us Part 2 and Black Ops 4.

When it comes to the next Call of Duty, we are almost certain that it will be part of the introductory lineup of PS5. There is also a chance that this title will make its debut on PS4, a few months before the launch of Sony’s new console. The Last of Us Part 2, the highly anticipated game whose predecessor has enjoyed a great success, is also expected to appear on PS5 once it hits the market. The third title, Black Ops 4, which might have a multiplayer mode, is expected to debut this year and as soon as PS5 launches it could become available for the new console.

When to expect PS5 and how much could it cost?

TweakTown estimates that in the most optimistic scenario, PlayStation 5 could be released as early as in 2019. This, however, can happen only if Sony will feel like the update of its platform is necessary and as long as the process of development is going well. According to some other sources, the most realistic launch year could be either 2021 or 2022.

As for the price of the upcoming PlayStation 5, it shouldn’t cost more than PS4 at the moment of its launch, but around the same amount, which means that Sony’s new console will be available for $399.

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